i c ur answering questions hi
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Hi pretty I did the tumblr thing for once oops.

Your dorm room is gorgeous and totally my inspiration for September :) just thought I'd let you know. And say thank ya :)
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Thank you! My new room has become even more extravagant now that I have roommates as crazy as I am about decorating ;)

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Is the steampunk Ariel drawing yours? It's fabulous, and I adore the tail. It reminds me of my grandmother's leg braces; she was crippled by polio around 1910, and wore them her whole life. To me it gives the look such an awesome period-inspired steampunk look, and gives the whole thing a really personal joy. I love the idea of Ariel with steampunk prosthetic legs! Thanks for sharing this.
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Wow thank you! Actually, my grandmother caught polio when she was 6, and had the leg brace her whole life, just like yours. It made me smile to link that drawing to something of my grandma so thank you for the message!

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Not sure if I did this right before, but I wanted to show you the costume my sister made for the Disney Not-so-scary Halloween party this year. I helped with the fins. Thank you for the inspiration! She works as a costume designer at Disney so lots of people saw your design idea. Pretty cool stuff and I like your art! You'll find pictures at h t t p: / / imgur. com/a/09RKL#0 (take out the spaces)
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Wow that is amazing! I’m so happy that my designs are worthy of being made into real life outfits!


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These maps of the London Underground give a sense of how much transit maps tend to distort distance for the sake of clarity. At top is an official map of the system; at bottom is a spatially accurate map of the system.

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You can’t look at me like that, sir…

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World Zombie Day London 2013 was amazing